To Google and Beyond

Hey y'all. Haven't heard from me in a while? I have a good excuse. I've been trying to find the end of the internet. There's something you should know about me. If there are 317 pages of cement floor tiles, I'm not content to look at 11 or 12... I must see ALL THE CHOICES. This is a problem when you're not just picking new countertops or backsplash. I'm picking every single finish in my home from floor to ceiling! Plus, I'm the girl that can change my cocktail order three times before the waiter leaves the table. I can remember being in high school at the 7-11 in front of the wall of sodas and Snapple and driving my girlfriends crazy with my indecision on what I would drink that particular afternoon. It's annoying, I know. Why not get help from a professional you ask? Well, because I'm super opinionated about style and nobody understands my aesthetic better than I do. 

So over the last month or so, while I should have been shopping online for Christmas gifts, I was perusing the internet for bathroom vanities, floor tile, shower tile, and lighting. Lots and lots of lighting. I can't explain the sensation of picking everything for my house and actually having it in the budget, essentially paid for (well, over the next thirty years, but who's counting?). My builder did a really good job of estimating line items for us. For example on appliances I'm $1000 over budget, but with lighting, I'm $1000 under. So far, so good! I have found so many incredibly pretty things for my new house that I wanted to make a post just showing you my purchases. I have bought everything with a specific purpose, but once I actually get into my house and start decorating, I'm sure I'll move things around a bit. 

Let's start with lighting, since that is what I've bought the most of. I have done great with the lighting budget because I found some incredible sales and, I have really inexpensive and funky taste in lighting. I grew up with paper lanterns that looked chic and modern and boho all at the same time, and that formed my taste for lighting that thankfully doesn't cost too much. There was one chandelier I found on Pinterest that I just had to have until I found it was $5000, but luckily I found a pendant I love almost as much for $300, so alls well that ends well!

On the left was the budget busting but I'd buy it if I was a millionaire option. The Fiona by Ro Sham Beaux for $5000. On the right is the very beautiful and funky alternative I found from Serena and Lily for only $300. This will be hung over the hand-me-down Saarinen tulip table from my aunt in the eat in kitchen.

To round out the kitchen lighting we have a few well placed cans, but the island will have three milk glass and brass pendants in medium and one in small over the kitchen sink, all from West Elm for less than $400 total.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 6.45.18 AM.png

I was very surprised to find incredibly good lighting deals at Pottery Barn. I tend to shy away from PB because it is expensive, and tends to be a little more traditional than my style, but I fell in love with both of these chandeliers and got them for less than $500 for both!

On the left is the Dalila crystal beaded chandelier which I got on sale for only $200, but it is back to it's  normal price of $299. I wanted something in my original living room that was beautiful, old fashioned, and that wouldn't interrupt the view of my double mantel. On the right is the Savannah antique crystal chandelier which I am so in love with, I wish I'd bought two. I found it on Pottery Barn on sale for only $260 from the original $400. It's no longer available so I'm very grateful that I bought it when I saw it on sale! I bought this for the vestibule leading from the original living room into the rest of the house, because Bryan thought it would be cool to put a chandelier there, but I think it may be too pretty for that spot. I might want it somewhere that I can look and admire it.

The next light is somewhere on a container ship in the Pacific. It was shipped at least 5 weeks ago, but has yet to arrive. It is a repurposed fish trap from Thailand, and I hope it I love it. I plan on putting in in the new family room, but we'll see. I feel a little bad about the footprint coming from Thailand, but I guess its not different from all the stuff we by from China. I found it on my go to Etsy- hopefully it won't end up on Regretsy! 

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 4.46.41 PM.png

The last piece of lighting I got is one of my favorites. It will go in the master bathroom so that I can now take a bath with a chandelier. Because if you have a clawfoot tub with out shower curtains crowding it like I had for the last 15 years, then you really should have a chandelier in your bathroom. Right??

Wood bead chandelier from  World Market

Wood bead chandelier from World Market

Along with this fabulous wood bead chandelier are the new vanities, my tub is getting re-glazed inside and out... still not sure if I'm keeping it white or painting the outside a color. As you know, I couldn't have the gorgeous cement tile I picked because the tile guy talked me out of it due to upkeep and location. I have now found a wallpaper I love instead of a statement floor. We are reusing the bead board from Sam's old bedroom for the bathrooms- turning it vertical and a small ledge from about 4 ft down. I will paint it white with this paper above, and likely just a ceramic wood tile on the floor. Perhaps in a herringbone pattern. Our vanities are very inexpensive from Home Depot- nothing I'm crazy about, but I'm happy with the style and size because I was afraid of overpowering my pretty claw foot tub.  

In the new family room, I have a new sectional that I found at the Habitat Re-Store here in Apex. I've always envied a huge sectional, but when your entire house is less than 1500 square feet, it's just not practical. Now I have a huge family room I have to fill up. It's pretty ugly now, but it will be beautiful in a shade of either blue or green (or knowing me, a green-blue) velvet.

Sectional I bought for $105 at the Habitat Re-Store. My awesome upholsterer, Marc at AFC Upholstery,  has quoted me about $1500 including fabric to recover. The sectionals online I was drawn to were in the $8000-10,000 range- not that I ever would spend that!

Sectional I bought for $105 at the Habitat Re-Store. My awesome upholsterer, Marc at AFC Upholstery,  has quoted me about $1500 including fabric to recover. The sectionals online I was drawn to were in the $8000-10,000 range- not that I ever would spend that!

The same week I found the sofa, I found a credenza that I thought I could paint in my teal color I love, but I have now decided on having Steins Furniture in Raleigh lacquer it for me in the color scheme below. I paid $35 for the solid wood credenza and will pay $350 for the lacquering which is well worth me not ruining it with my messy painting habits. This will house the entertainment for the family room.

Also in the new family room, I am putting a hanging basket chair in the corner. I grew up with chairs similar to these at the beach house and they are still my very favorite place to sit in the world. I think this will get great use in the corner with the new windows on both sides.

The hanging chair I got while I was supposed to be Christmas shopping with my girlfriend, Bec. I will love  having this inside the house! The  Swingasan, from Pier 1 .

The hanging chair I got while I was supposed to be Christmas shopping with my girlfriend, Bec. I will love  having this inside the house! The Swingasan, from Pier 1.

The last of my purchases to this point are the counter stools. My very boring (aka timeless) kitchen is going to get jazzed up with some fun gold accents and as always, my ever present indigo. I'm hoping these chairs bridge the gap between traditional and boho style. I believe whole heartedly in mixing styles. If you love things of different styles, don't be afraid to put them together- you'll love them together!

So that's about it for now. I have many many more decisions to make, but feel that the hardest part is done. I have loved every minute of it, even if my girlfriends who have to listen to me obsess over every decision haven't! Thanks for following along and all of your help along the way.  I really do love asking Facebook for advice, even if it's not necessarily what I want to hear!

xo Susie